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The company was founded in 2002 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to supply the booming Canadian Energy and Mining sectors. Since 2005, the company is run from Shanghai, China, where we are strategically positioned at the center of global manufacturing and logistics, to serve a broad reach of sectors and meet international customer needs.


Our Canadian leadership and values remain unchanged. Our purpose is to produce extremely reliable, professional grade, heavy-duty product lines, cost-effectively. With 15 of our own proprietary brands and other private label programs, Procore Direct has grown to produce over 17,000 part numbers that are sold internationally through industrial and automotive distribution channels.


Every day at Procore Direct we orchestrate our internal and external network of specialists dedicated to providing integrated product and supply solutions for our global customers. We treat each customer relationship as unique. We start with clearly understanding the product and brand needs, then produce and execute with focus and relentless hands-on devotion to quality control by our in-house engineers.


When things are done right, at the source, your supply concerns disappear and you can focus on selling exceptional products to your customers with confidence! We look forward to working with you.

Brent Ferguson
CEO and Founder